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Videos – This is where you will find the daily videos to participate in our Virutal VBS. Simply click on the link “Videos” and you will be taken to our YouTube channel. The first video will be made public for use Monday, August 3 at midnight. The additional 4 videos will be made public daily.


Game and Snack Resources


Hold the Track Line Game

  1. Have kids join hands to form a linked “train” line.
  2. Decide which end of the line is the train’s engine and which is the caboose. The person at the head of the line – the engine – will then run and move around the play area, changing directions frequently, and the rest of the train will follow and try to hold on to each other.
  3. If anyone detaches from a train line, the group can shuffle the position in line and play again.

Chew Chew Track

  1. Supplies: Twizzlers Pull ‘n’ Peel candy ropes, Granola bars
  2. On a tray build a train track by placing the granola bars and Twizzlers string to look like a railway. Divide the granola bars and Twizzlers strings among the kids.

H.O.P.E. Ball (you will need a rubber playground ball)

  1. Stand in a circle, foot to foot, with each person’s legs a little more than a shoulder-width apart.
  2. The goal is to roll a ball between the legs of another person as well as block the ball from going between their own.
  3. Players can use only one arm to play and must tuck the arm they choose not to use behind their back.
  4. When a person can’t block the ball and is cored upon, he or she earns a letter in the word hope. When a person reaches all four letters, the players can shuffle where they’re standing and start a new round.

Chip Tunnel

  1. Supplies: Snack-size tins of Pringles
  2. Set the Pringles on a plate to form a tunnel (curved side up). Before eating one of the Pringles a kid must tell something they have learned so far in VBS.

Bold Bops (You will need a beach ball or other large lightweight ball)

  1. One player tosses the ball into the air to begin the first round.
  2. After the first toss, players work together to bop the ball (like a bump-pass in volleyball) into the air without letting it fall to the ground.
  3. Have players count each time the ball is bopped into the air. If the ball falls, the count will start over at one.
  4. Challenge the players to get to 20 or more successful bops or simply keep improving their score from round to round.

Coal Crunch

  1. Supplies: 2 parts cups of mini marshmallows, 1 part tablespoons of butter, 2 parts cups of cocoa crispy rice cereal, 1 part cups finely crushed Oreo cookies, 2 whole tubes of black gel food coloring (use whatever amount makes the mixture look truly black)
  2. Recipe: Finely crush the Oreo cookies in a large resealable plastic bag; Put the marshmallows and butter in a large, microwave-safe mixing bowl, and heat in a microwave for 60 to 90 seconds, Stir the melted mixture until smooth, and add food coloring until you achieve a black color; Incorporate the cocoa crispy rice cereal and crushed Oreos; Let the mixture sit and cool for about five minutes; scoop out portions onto a large piece of wax paper; Use another smaller piece of wax paper held in your hands to shape each portion into a lumpy ball to look like coal; Allow all the pieces to cool for 20 to 30 minutes; Serve the cooled Coal Crunch

Cross the Divide (you will need a beach ball or any other kind of medium-sized ball that’s easy to toss and catch)

  1. Players get in teams of two.
  2. Give each team a ball.
  3. Partners are to face one another with a few feet between them.
  4. Toss ball back and forth to each other and take a step backward after each successful toss.
  5. Continue until the ball can’t get there.

Crunch Crossbuck

  1. Supplies: Honey wheat pretzel twists, frosting pouches
  2. Take two pretzels and place them on a plate.
  3. Pull the cap off the frosting pouch. Place a dime-size amount of frosting onto the center of the pretzel. Then lay the second pretzel on top of the others to make a cross (X).

Train of Thought

  1. Give the following clues and players have 10 seconds to answer. See if players can complete the entire puzzle. Explain, “For each puzzle clue, there’s one word that can go in front of the other three to make words with a common beginning.” Answers are in parentheses.
  2. Here are the 10 clues: lash, lid, brow (eye); side, to, door (in); brush, paste, ache (tooth); ground, weight, water (under); saver, line, less (time or life); off, print, shake (hand); cut, bread, stop (short); dog, head, spot (hot); beat, burn, broken (heart); cake, handle, icky (pan)

Good Friend Fruit Pizza

  1. Supplies: Graham crackers, strawberries, blueberries, clementine, whipped topping
  2. Ice graham cracker with whipped topping and decorate with strawberries, blueberries, and clementines.


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